Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Love Wednesdays

You know what today is, right? Okay, that might have given it away... It's Wednesday! And just in case you didn't read the title of this post, that means I get to tell you about a whole bunch of things that I love! Are you excited? You should be excited.

1. Until today, I kind of forgot I had raspberries. This amazing recipe will let me cheat and use them all up.

2. I might be slow on the uptake, but I'm addicted to this show.

3. I haven't officially registered yet, but this is penciled in on the calendar!

4. One of the few blogs I've consistently followed for almost 2 years! I absolutely adore everything about Katie and her posts.

5. Check out some of the new candles Bath and Body Works just came out with! I picked up this one and this one the other day, and boy do they smell good!

6. If you haven't heard of this site, you should give it a whirl. Feed some hungry people!

7. Don't read this at work. It's not that it's inappropriate, it's just... if you're anything like me, you'll laugh really hard and probably disrupt some people. You've been forewarned.

8. It's like playing The Sims, except you can skip the whole "controlling people" thing!

9. These sisters know how to keep it real. I love their blog!

10. Found on Pinterest, "This old pink house is situated at the Old Dunes, a few hundred meters from the West coast, a very windy place where there isn't much that can grow. The tree can only grow where it has shelter. It has always looked this way." Cool.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog ;)

    1. Absolutely!! Thanks for coming up with an amazing recipe!