Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

Crickets have overrun the blog, it seems. Lots and lots of crickets. I tried to buy a few of those bug-be-gone candles, but they just melted before they could work on all those crickets. Next time, I'm investing in some Raid...


In other news, I've got some really fantastic links for you guys this week! I also wanted to make sure you read about the awesomeness that is mentioned in #10, if you're interested in some new fitness programs. And one more thing: keep an eye out for a fun post coming soon, all about vegan options when you're eating/drinking out!

1. This is a hugely fascinating video about the link between food and Alzheimer's! Nutrition really does affect so many aspects of our lives.

2. As if I needed another reason to eat chocolate.

3. Can I call it Fall yet? Technically it's been in the low 80s lately, which is basically cold for South Carolina, so I think that means it's Autumn. Time to celebrate with food!

4. I love these nutrition strategies for optimum athletic performance.

5. Mmm, cinnamon rolls. I know what I'm making this weekend!

6. There are some really great suggestions here! I had a grilled PB&J for lunch yesterday, in fact.

7. These vegan coconut macaroons look so delicious. And they're not bad for you, either!

8. Some cuteness for your day.

9. What an interesting article this is! All about body language.

10. Okay, so... do you know about Beachbody? They are the geniuses behind the P90X and Insanity fitness programs, if those ring a bell. Well, today, I'm excited to share some links with your lovely selves for some brand new programs they're coming out with this Fall! Here's what you have to look forward to, if you're anything like me and love trying out new ways to stay fit:

Insanity Asylum Volume 2: Insanity is a very intense, difficult workout that gives you amazing results if you can stick with it! I haven't tried the Asylum series yet, but if it's anything like Insanity, I'm really excited to give it a shot (and to go to bed super sore every night)! From the Beachbody website: "The Asylum Volume 1 taught you the fundamentals of sports performance. The Asylum Volume 2 gives 30 days of advanced training techniques, used by pro athletes, and is designed to get you leaner, faster, and stronger."
Les Mills Combat: This would be a fantastic program if you're into MMA, Kickboxing, Karate, or other similar activities. It's like a boot camp series, but focuses more on the entire body as a whole, similar to how Pilates works. "Combines moves from karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capeoira, and jiu jitsu -- whose moves are specially combined for the ultimate total body fat loss and body shaping  for your ultimate transformation."
Brazil Butt Lift Master Series: This is the series I'm most excited about! My flat butt and I can't wait for this program to come out. Seriously. ;) It's all about toning your glutes, abs, thighs, and even your triceps, biceps, and pectoral muscles as well! "The 30-day Brazil Butt Lift Master Series program includes intense, targeted workouts to increase your booty-lifting while also tightening your core and toning your upper body. These advanced workouts are designed to get you the round booty, lean thighs, and toned core you'll feel great showing off in your favorite bikini!"

I definitely think you should head over to the Beachbody website and check out their programs. They are extremely effective! There's also this really great tool on their homepage that tells you the best program options for you specifically, based on a few basic stats you can enter about yourself (gender, age, fitness level, etc). Let's get fit!

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  1. Hi Kid!
    Great blog. I love the tired animal photos, I've gotta try the cinnamon rolls too!
    Also the body language article is fascinating - we've all heard of "folded arms = maintain distance" etc, but I never thought about it affecting your behavior. So maybe if we lurch around like a puppy we'll have more energy?

    Also, last blog is wonderful - photos + narrative. I'm gonna try the oatmeal suggestion; not on the same day as the rolls (ha). I never thought to cook the banana, choco and oatmeal together - makes more sense though.
    Keep up the great content....I'm just sometimes slow at finding time to read it all.
    Love Pappio

    P.S. - Went to the new health food store (Natural Grocers) and they have xanthan gum in small bags. They also have a bunch of other bulk products packaged simply and cheap. A whole bag of fresh Bay leaves for $1; fresh olive oil you can dispense into your own container and lots of other good things. Better than Whole Foods in terms of price and true organic or vegan. You can order from the online too. If you need anything let me know and I'll get it for you.