Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Love Wednesdays

Hey guys! How are ya? A couple things have changed around here, in case you haven't noticed. First of all, I've redesigned the site a bit for a fresh, new look. What do you think? I also updated a couple of pages and such, but the thing I'm really stoked about is some new features I'm going to be introducing around here! The first new feature is something that's happening today! It's called "What I Love Wednesdays," and it will feature ten awesome things I've been enjoying lately. Sound fun? I think so. Without further ado then, I happily introduce to you the very first "What I Love Wednesdays." Enjoy!

1. This book. I had to read it for a class I'm taking, and I am so glad I did! It's really fantastic.

2. A somewhat new-to-me blog I can't stop reading. Katie is so inspiring and creative! 

3. The most amazing cookbook I've ever owned to date! My awesome hubby bought it for me for my birthday (which is this Saturday). ;)

4. What a beautifully crafty way to add color and life to your house. I want.

5. Proof that Spring is here! Right outside our front door!

6. This is such an incredible documentary. I can't stop gushing about it.

7. If I had this kitchen, I would never leave it. Ever.

8. Well... that's one way to use sheet music! So creative!

9. You might shy away from this because of... well, what it is, but give it a listen! You might even like it enough to watch the movie.

10. Kale chips. So. Stinkin'. Delicious. Go easy on the oil, though. I found that out the hard way!


  1. Uhm, my new found love for kale chips is deep and wide - so good! Also, are you on Pinterest? If not, you totally need to be. Then we could share recipes and neat ideas ALL THE TIME.

    1. Right?! I just discovered the wonder that is kale chips, myself. Yum!! And YES, I am on Pinterest! My username is Treble Tart. :)

  2. Hmm.. Happy Early Birthday! I think I'm 1-2 days early, depending on our time diff :D Love that cookbook! DOH!

    1. Thank you!! I've still got one more day to go until it's officially my birthday, but I don't think there's anything wrong with early wishes! ;) Isn't that cookbook the best?! I want to make everything. All the time.