Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I Love Wednesdays

Another week gone by, and I'm posting late once again. In my defense, I had to work yesterday... and make lasagna... for six people... and clean the house... so yeah. ;) I know, way too many excuses! It really just comes down to the fact that, by the time bedtime rolled around, I didn't feel like staying up late to write a post. Sorry! I hope you understand!

At least late is better than never, right? Enjoy!

1. If you were curious about caffeine content in popular coffee drinks, check this out. Very interesting!

2. This site offers a cool, easy way to create workouts that are tailored specifically to your needs!

3. I'm always on the lookout for ways to heal yourself through food. This is just another one of those awesomely beneficial lists!

4. Just because. Animals are cool!

5. Try this fun cooking chart out when you're planning next week's meals.

6. I am so excited this book is out now!! I can't wait to read it... you should read it with me!

7. Having trouble getting your metabolism to cooperate? Check out these secrets.

8. Be inspired.

9. I know I've posted Cassey's videos before, but I can't get enough! Here is a great Pilates cardio workout for the summer; it will make you sweat!

10. Mmm, this delightfully delectable "ice cream" cake would be perfect for all this hot weather we're having.

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