Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello fine people! I hope you're doing swell. I have a fun, slightly different post for you this week, just because I like to change things up every now and then. In lieu of a normal "What I Love Wednesday" post, I thought I'd bring you into my kitchen a little more and share what I ate today instead, with a little help from Instagram.

Thus, "What I Ate Wednesday" is born. This isn't necessarily a new feature on the blog; I just thought I'd try something different. If you hate it, you can tell me. It's okay. I won't get mad.

For breakfast, I had:
  • one "everything" bagel slathered with some vegan "cream cheese" (garlic and chive flavored)
  • a small bowl of coconut milk, half a banana, and a handful of raspberries smashed together
  • the other half of my banana, all by its lonesome
  • a cup of coffee, of course (with coconut milk creamer)

For lunch, I enjoyed:

  • a grilled PB&J (Have you tried this?! It's amazing!)
  • some grapes
  • a handful of carrots
  • a little Thai Coconut Curry hummus

It was my day off, so naturally I had Starbucks. Teehee. It was a delicious soy vanilla latte.

And unfortunately, my phone decided not to save the picture I took of dinner, and by the time I realized the photo was gone, I had already scarfed down all of it. However, I will share this lovely photo from Heidi's blog, because it just so happens that this is what I had! Mmm, Baked Farro Pasta.

So there you have it! My eats for the day. It was kind of fun to document, honestly. Maybe I'll do it again sometime...

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