Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Love Wednesdays

How are those resolutions coming so far? Hopefully you've come up with some really great, realistic goals for yourself; it's such a wonderful feeling when you reach them!

The links I have for you today are all about vegan/vegetarian/plant-based lifestyles. What better time than a brand new January to make some changes in your diet? You can be healthier, and it's not that hard to do! Check out these great resources I've gathered for you.

1. There are so many beautiful blogs out there dedicated to healthy eating! This is just one of many.

2. In the spirit of New Year's, try this vegan hangover cure from Alicia Silverstone.

3. This is kind of a blunt article, but an interesting read nonetheless; the most important part of following a vegan lifestyle is knowing WHY you want to do so.

4. I absolutely adore this post about why Kristy became vegan.

5. One of the most common excuses I've heard people use for not following a plant-based lifestyle is that they "can't" give up dairy -- here are some delicious substitutes you should try!

6. Kids can be vegan too!

7. It's a new year! Why not try a new meal plan?

8. Let's squash some vegan myths!

9. This is a wonderful vegan cookbook full of super scrumptious meals. Why not give it a try?

10. Day 2 of 365 Photos: choppin' some green peppers!

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