Friday, February 15, 2013

What I Love Wednesdays

I keep meaning to post something new, you know. I'm not totally ignoring you. But sometimes life happens and I get distracted and busy with other things, and then this corner gets slightly neglected. For that, I'm sorry! To make it up to you, I've got some splendid links this week (even though it's not Wednesday; don't judge). Enjoy!

1. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to help our fellow human beings.

2. Check out this great cheat sheet!

3. I love this documentary in progress about our agricultural system and how it's making us sick.

4. The human body is so cool!

5. You can never have too many mug cakes, yo.

6. Something we all struggle with when we want to start something new is how to take the first step.

7. Joy the Baker rocks, especially with her blogging tips (part 2)!

8. This is a fantastic article about positive thinking!

9. I don't know about you, but I'm all about some awesome DIY projects.

10. Let's go to Paris.

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