Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Love Wednesdays

Good afternoon! It's been nothing but rainy and cold here for two weeks, so the sun is a nice reprise today. I shouldn't complain too much, however; the Midwest has gotten hit pretty hard with their Snowpocalypse lately... yikes! If you're in that neck of the woods (or anywhere else that's got you bundled up in blankets and sipping hot cocoa), don't venture outside unless you have to. Of course, you should also check out these links. I'm hoping they'll warm you up a bit.

1. No more excuses! If you've been saying for years that you've wanted to learn a language, but haven't gotten around to it, this is the year. Check out these great resources!

2. Check out these great tips for shopping at the grocery store.

3. What a great post about quality of life. I hope this makes us all stop and think a little.

4. Who knew there were so many great uses for coconut oil?

5. Need some tips on how to be cool? Check out these hilarious ones.

6. You'll never have to buy these foods again!

7. Apps are all the rage right now. Why not use them to help motivate yourself to stay fit?

8. Have you tried to make something you found on Pinterest and failed miserably? Hopefully your creations didn't out like these!

9. Here is some really fantastically helpful information about buying the right running shoes!

10. Who doesn't love cookies? Here are some great Cookie Baking Tips!

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